Monday, February 22, 2016

Mixed Media Morsels 6 and 7

Morsel 6 was inchies. I used mono prints that i made with my Geli Plate and a piece of paper that I used my brayer on the left over paint after putting it on the plate. Since the papers were dark I didn't stamp or draw on the inchies. I used stickers, magazine images, and other little things that were by me in the squares.

 Morsel 7 was circles. I painted the paper with blue and purple craft paints. Then with a pallet knife I put some cream craft paint. I took some mark makers of round things. some were empty washi tape rolls, glue stick lid. the big one is from a canning jar.I used black craft paint. I found the magazine image that I put wings that I never put on an ATC. Then some words I cut out of magazines.

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